pasta luncheons

10tation Event Catering

all pasta lunches are accompanied by foccacia, olive tapenade,
1 choice of a green salad, and 10tation pastries

we will supply chafing dishes at no additional cost.
all dried pasta can be substituted for whole wheat
pasta will arrive hot and ready to eat.

whole wheat fusilli
with rosemary chicken, baby spinach, red onion and gorgonzola cream sauce

vegetarian crespelle
ricotta cheese and spinach wrapped in a savory crepe, served with tomato sauce and parmigiano cheese

savory crepes stuffed with veal and served with fresh plum tomato and parmigiano cheese

  lasagna bolognese
topped with melted mozzarella and sprinkled with fresh parmigiano cheese

vegetarian lasagna
layers of grilled assorted vegetables topped with melted mozzarella in a light tomato sauce

 served with julienne of zucchini and grilled tiger shrimp in a saffron cream sauce

 butternut squash ravioli
served in a rose sauce with parmigiano reggiano

ravioli stuffed with forest mushrooms
tossed with toasted pine nuts, sweet peas, and parmigiano in a light cream sauce

goat cheese and leek ravioli
sautéed in roasted garlic white wine cream sauce garnished with parmigiano cheese and chicken breast

Food will arrive hot and ready to eat. We will supply chafing dishes at no additional cost.