Drop-off hors d'oeuvres

10tation Event Catering

when staff are not required
we can drop off hors d'oeuvres that require minimal fuss
but will make you look like great!

caprese salad skewers
mini quiche tart with mushrooms and asiago cheese
quinoa salad in a mini cucumber cup

mini gourmet pizzette
Wild mushrooms, fresh thyme, and fontina cheese.
Goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and olives.
Prosciutto, fresh herbs and baby arugula.
Rapini and pancetta.
Potato, herb and garlic oil.

thai salad rolls
peking duck

meat and poultry
southern chicken salad on a mini corn muffin
moroccan lamb wrapped in zucchini with raita
thai marinated beef skewer with peanut satay sauce
miniature burgers with cherry tomatoes and dijon mayo
mini reuben sandwich on rye with a pickle garnish

smoked salmon wrapped cucumber with dill creme fraiche and preserved lemon
smoked trout on a blini with lemon creme fraiche 
traditional shrimp cocktail
lobster salad eclair with pickled onion
dungeness crab salad on a sweet pea pancake
mini bagels with smoked salmon, cream cheese and red onion

we recommend a variety of 7-9 items
minimum of 10 guests

Terms and conditions may apply.